Have you ever wanted to try surfing?
Or do you have a dusty board, which decorates a corner in your house?
Does the fear of wiping out prevent you from paddling out the back?
I’d like to offer you my surf guidance, knowledge and experience
To overcome these hurdles and become a confident surfer.

Services Offered:

Private Surf Lessons
One-on-one surfing sessions, which cover all the basics of learning to surf.

Small Group Lessons
Get a group of friends or family together to learn collectively
And support each other through your surfing journey
(Min 2 Max 8 people)

Surf Guidance
For those who have surfed before
But are hoping to improve, or simply become more confident
Sometimes all you need is someone to paddle out with you
And tell you where to sit and when to start paddling

All levels, ages and experience are welcome

Surfing is an incredible lifestyle
It will take you to many remote corners of the globe
And introduce you to some unforgettable people.

However, surfing can also be incredibly frustrating!
It’s a long, slow & steady journey
Which requires lots of time & energy in the water
Often, it feels like you take two steps forward & one steps back
But stick at it
And you will come back stronger
With an even deeper love and appreciation for the art of surfing.