“We are all from the sea, but we are not all of the sea.
Those of us who are, we children of the tides must return to it again and again.
Until one day we don’t come back, leaving only that, which we touched along the way”.
– Chasing Mavericks

I have always been a water baby.
My Mum and Dad got me in the water when I was just a one-year old baby.
As a child, me and my sisters Natalie and Annalise, spent most days jumping off the Hillarys Boat Harbour Jetty and swimming back to shore.
We used to swim in the backyard pool, until our hands and feet shriveled up.

At the age of seven, my sisters and I started competitive swimming.
I hoped to race at the Olympics one day.
We traveled all around Western Australia every weekend to compete at swimming carnivals.
And see how many medals we could bring home.

Three Sisters (2003)
Water Babies from a young age

However, the monotony of swimming laps and staring at the black line soon deterred me away from the chlorine pool.
Instead, I found the ocean.

When I was a teenager, I went through some really hard times.
Family, relationships, identity problems – the list goes on.
It was during these tough, formative years, that I found the ocean.
I started going to the beach every morning and realised how free I felt.
All my problems disappeared, the moment I touched the water.

To crank things up a bit, I began scuba-diving when I left school and instantly fell in love with the peacefulness beyond the surface.
I became a Divemaster in 2011 and spent many years diving to 40+ meter depths, all around the world.
I loved life under sea . But still, I wanted more…

Wreck Diving in Egypt (2013)

I’ve always been around surfers
I body-surfed for years before picking up a board.
I bought my very first board in 2014 and began teaching myself how to surf.
I often paddled out without fins. I would forget to attach my leash
I even thought I was a goofy-footer for a couple of years.
As a girl, I often felt uncomfortable paddling out by myself and wiping out in-front of everyone.
But I overcame those fears and insecurities and met people along the way, who guided me to where I am now.

We all have to start somewhere, right?
San Sebastian, Spain (2013)

Surfing has become my life.
The ocean has been my healer and my passion.
I met my beautiful partner, Nath, while surfing my local break in Perth.
Together, we have been on some incredible salty adventures.

Nath & I on one of our many salty adventures
Nath has been my coach and inspiration to never give up.

I want to encourage you to get out there too
To over come your fears
To build your confidence
To create connections and memories
And to share the feeling of buoyancy and pure bliss!