Kaya Wandju (Hello & Welcome)

My name’s Michelle Travaglione
I was born and somewhat raised in Perth, Western Australia
With the guidance of my parents
And the constant support of my two sisters & friends.
I acknowledge the Whadjuk Noongar People
As the traditional owners of the land I call home.

I am a 200+Hour Yoga Teacher, trained in Vinyasa and Yin.
I’m also a qualified ASI Level 1 Surf Instructor.
My background is in Anthropology and Sociology

I start every new day being buoyant in the ocean (rain, hail, or shine).
Hence, the idea was born to share the feeling of Laghima (lightness & bliss).

More than anything, I love encouraging people to overcome fear,
Through the practice of yoga and the art of surfing.
Often people will say…
“I’d love to surf, but I’m scared of getting dumped”
“I’d love to do yoga but I’m not flexible”.
Both yoga & surfing are life-long practices,
which offer infinite growth and development.
But you have to start somewhere
And accept that there will be good & bad days
There will be moments of growth, but also times of regression
I’ve learned to accept the ebbs and flows of surfing and yoga
Because sometimes simply showing up (Abhyasa) is enough.

I have traveled many corners of the globe as a backpacker and an Anthropologist.
Subsequently, I have a huge appreciation for culture and the natural world.