BeBuoyant by Michelle Travaglione
What is Buoyancy?
I believe that defying gravity and feeling weightless, is one of life’s greatest feelings.
Buoyancy is the euphoric feeling experienced in Savasana.
Or the sensation while floating in salty water.
Buoyancy is that moment in the air, before you make the drop on your surf board.

Feeling buoyant can be incredibly calming and healing, but also energising and exciting.
In Yoga, the Gunas refer to these feelings as:
‘Rajas‘ and ‘Sattva’.
Pure bliss and excitement are considered opposite states of being – yin and yang.
And these are the feelings I’d like to help you experience naturally,
Through yoga, surfing and unifying through community and connection.

Services & Offerings:
• Private or small group surf lessons
• Surfing guidance to overcome fears and build confidence
• Online yoga classes with The Swan Effect
• Yoga specifically created for surfing


Photo by Jordy Maxwell